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Intertechnique's oxygen systems and equipment are marketed under the EROS trademark. Its Oxygen and Life Support department was set up when Intertechnique was created and boasts more than 50 years' experience in this area. EROS products are distributed by IN-EROS in North America.

Intertechnique's main areas of expertise are :

  • Life support :
    • Quick donning oxygen masks for crews (leading world supplier).
    • Quick donning anti-smoke oxygen masks for crews (MF20 Magic â series).
    • Quick donning anti-smoke oxygen masks for crews (MLD 20 Convertible series).

    • Smoke hoods for in-flight staff.
    • Bacteriological and chemical protection (NBC facemask and blower).
  • On-board oxygen generation, storage, distribution and regulation :
    • Molecular sieve oxygen concentration systems (OBOGS, MSOC).
    • Liquid oxygen converters (LOX).
    • Gaseous oxygen storage and distribution (GOX).
    • Oxygen regulators and equipment for pilots and passengers.
    • Anti-G valves, seat-mounted systems, back-up systems.
  • Complete oxygen systems for civil aircraft, from business planes to large airliners.
  • Complete oxygen systems for military, transport and surveillance aircraft.
  • Required resources :
    • Test benches and tools.
  • Intertechnique's trump cards in the field of oxygen and life support are :
    • Its creativity :
      • It created the first pneumatic, quick donning mask
      • It created the first integrated smoke goggles
      • It created the first storage box for masks in the cockpit
      • It created the first tension control harness for greater comfort
      • It created the first secure noise reduction system
      • It created the first wide-angle smoke goggles
      • It created the first convertible oxygen mask
    • Its range of civil and military aircraft systems and equipment, the only one of its kind in the world,
    • An impressive list of satisfied customers,
    • Its ability to offer a global service to meet requirements in terms of performance, quality and deadlines for its customers worldwide,
    • And last but not least, its prime contractorship ability for complete systems.

Intertechnique supplies most of the world's aircraft manufacturers in life support protection systems, notably Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, Cessna, Bombardier, Embraer, HAL, Casa and Gulfstream.

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