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Over the last several years, Intertechnique has developed unprecedented experience in fuel circulation systems for civil and military aircraft.

This experience, combined with previous experience from Zenith Aviation, means that Intertechnique can offer a wide range of fuel circulation products.

A few examples: pumps, valves, charging points, etc.

Intertechnique has gradually built on its skills to become an original equipment manufacturer in this area.

It carries out research and development, qualification, integration and certification support regarding fuel circulation systems for aircraft, helicopters and missiles.

Thanks to its expertise, it can also offer :

  • Refueling systems
  • Ground refueling systems
  • In-flight refueling systems for aircraft and helicopters

Intertechnique is the exclusive supplier of refueling systems for Formula 1 racing. Intertechnique has set up a repair and maintenance centre to ensure ultra-fast and effective service to its top priority end customers.

Intertechnique has also developed worldwide acknowledged skills in the following areas :

  • Fuel quantity measurement, fuel level detection, fuel flow measurement and fuel systems,
  • Fuel quantity measurement probes (fuel tank probes), oil tank probes and hydraulic fluid tank capacitance or ultrasonic probes (metal or metal composite). The probes are fitted using brackets or flanges and may be equipped with signal-processing electronic circuits,
  • LCD indicators and needle gauges for displaying various parameters: fuel quantity and flow rate.


  • Fuel system for the new "Russian Regional Jet"
  • Fuel circulation and fuel quantity system for the latest Dassault Falcon F7X business jet
  • Fuel circulation system for the A380.

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